Ravi Katharkamar

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Ravi Katharkamar was stabbed in his heart and died at the scene

A murderer who killed a shopkeeper in a “relentless” attack for just £100 takings has been jailed for life.

Alex Gunn, 31, stabbed 54-year-old Ravi Katharkamar to death inside his newsagent’s store in Pinner, north London at 06:00 GMT on 24 March.

The Old Bailey heard after Gunn attacked the father-of-two he went on to burgle two homes before driving off in a car he had stolen.

Gunn of Pinner Grove, Pinner, had denied being behind for the killing.

But a jury found him guilty of murder, robbery, four burglaries, three thefts, and two counts of possession of a bladed article.


During his trial the court heard how he had embarked on a “one-man crimewave” to fund his drug habit shortly after being released from prison.

Jailing him to serve a minimum term of 32 years, Judge Angela Rafferty QC said no-one who saw the CCTV could doubt the attack on Mr Katharkamar was “relentless”.

“Your arrogance is clear to me during your evidence. I consider you remorseless. There is very little mitigation in this case.”

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Alex Gunn had driven to the shop in a car he had previously stolen

Judge Rafferty said Gunn’s first impulse upon his arrest was “to lie”.

Gunn interrupted the judge several times to protest his innocence, saying “No, I never”, before he was sent down.

On his conviction Vignarani Aiyathirai, Mr Katharkamar’s widow, said the thought her “kind, humorous and loving” husband was killed over £100, “haunted” her.

“I cannot bear the thought of Ravi being in pain and then dying there, where he was attacked, on the floor of the shop,” she added.

The attack, which was captured on the shop’s CCTV, showed Gunn holding a knife to Mr Katharkamar’s throat and grappling with him before stabbing him in the chest.

Mr Katharkamar was found by a jogger who called the emergency services but they pronounced him dead at the scene.

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Gunn disguised himself before he carried out the attack

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